The Past Re-imagined :: Eames -Copter

During the weekend I was sketching the famous Eames Vitra chair while watching an interview of Norman Foster, where he mentioned, Le corbusier’s fascination with “Flying Machines.” Without realizing it, I started to sketch a helicopter around the Eames Vitra Chair, then drew the skid of the Helicopter with the same concept of the chair’s legs called “Eiffel Tower Base”.

One of Charles and Ray Eames’ goal as designers were “getting the most of the best to the greatest number of people for the least.” This ideal of low-cost and comfortable design can easily be seen in the Vitra Chair. The Eames Plastic Chair is the result of many years of exploration of a one-piece seat shell molded to fit the contours of the human body.

These chairs are being used in the widest of settings – from dining rooms and home offices to restaurants and cafes. So then conceptualizing about the idea of using them in transportation vehicles such as a helicopter or a car is not that far-fetched. Therefore I started developing that initial sketch a little bit more and designed a theoretical helicopter that shared the simplicity, structural strength and lightness of that Eames Vitra Chair.


I also took the side elevation of these wonderful chairs and designed a computer desktop wallpaper and an I-phone background wallpaper. =)



A sketch collage of Eames House by Shirin Moqimi. (The house in Los Angeles and built in 1949 as part of a Case Study program for Arts & Architecture.)



Please excuse any grammatical error, as I wrote this piece quickly.

***Please note that these designs are for personal use only; All copyright of these images is retained by dzzyn.


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