New year is around the corner and I wanted the last post of 2017 to be a positive perspective on Winter. The wonderful Danish have an actual word to describe their cozy, comfortable and meaningful way of living: Hygge. As Natalie Van Deusen, professor of Scandinavian Studies at the University of Alberta, puts it:

“The best translation is coziness, but not the physical coziness that you get when you put on a sweater or cuddle up with a blanket. It’s more of a state mental balance and psychological well-being.”

I have gathered some inspirational photos that will make you feel warm and cozy by just simply looking at them, also a guide on how to achieve hygge. Have a very Hygge & Merry Winter.



by snohetta

by hey.luisa


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  1. Hello Shirin! You must be Iranian. I wanted to say I’m Iranian too and it’s so cool to know about you.oh, sorry I forgot to mention, my name is Nastaran. Which country do you live in?

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