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I enjoy using Pinterest very much. I use it to Pin some DIY projects which I’m still yet to try to do one; but mostly I’m there for awesome architectural inspirations. Lately I have been obsessed with architectural collages that can easily be mistaken for beautiful artworks. Architectural drawing is a tool that an architect uses to communicate ideas whereas art is intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power. I have gathered a few examples of architectural drawings that simply feeds the artistic soul of a designer. These drawings are not only communicating ideas but they can also easily be mounted to a wall and be appreciated, simply for their beauty.


:: Marie-Laure Cruschi :: Cabins (book by Philip Jodidio)


:: Viar Estudio :: Qianhai Monumnet Landscape Island Shenzen China


:: Henry StephensNick Roberts, Hannes Frykholm  :: The Toxic Asset Horror Cabinet


:: Alessandro Magliani :: The City of Morphologies


:: Desiree Casoni ::


:: dierendonck blancke :: Care center Zuienkerke


:: Shkelqim Hoti :: Hostel Project


:: Hélène Pinaud and Julien Schwartzmann :: Housing Petite France


:: VDCA :: Rebuilding Row House LM


:: Yunil Lam :: The Reef of Silence

During my college years I used to checkout Alex Hogrefe‘s youtube photoshop tutorial and today I stumbled upon his website where he demonstrates step by step guide, to creating an architectural collage drawing. Hope some of you will find it helpful in creating your collage drawings.



Please note that these designs are for personal use only; All copyright of these images is retained by the artist.


  1. really love your blog, so useful especially I’m currently making my very first portfolio 🙂

  2. great choice of examples 😉 is there a name for the first type of architectural drawing? I wanted to find more illustrations in the same style but I don’t know how to specify my search 🙁

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