Architecture Travel Guide: 10 Things To Do & See In Seattle

Between the weekends and the few days of vacation time, there is so much out there to discover, so why not pack your bags and head out to Seattle. Entertainment is boundless in our favorite “Rainy City”. From high art indoor options to spellbinding great outdoors, there’s something for every Seattle visitor to experience. We would like to hear about your must not miss buildings in the comment section below. Without any further ado, here is our Architecture Travel Guide: 10 Things To Do & See In Seattle.


:: 1 :: Space Needle | Architect(s): John Graham & Company | Project Year: 1962 | Type: Observation Tower | Address: 400 Broad Street, Seattle, Washington | Website:

The Space Needle is an observation tower in Seattle, Washington, a landmark of the Pacific Northwest, and an icon of Seattle.

Seattle Architecture Travel Guide - Space Needle Observation Tower


:: 2 :: Pike Place Market | Project Year: 1907 | Type: Commercial | Address: First & Pike, Seattle, Washington | Website:

Now one of the oldest continuously operating farmers markets in the country and one of the city’s most popular attractions—10 million people visit each year—Pike Place Market began with eight farmers in August 1907. Tired of price-gouging middlemen, the small group decided to sell their goods directly to consumers. The idea was an instant hit. Today, Pike Place Market is as much a part of Seattle’s identity as the evergreens, the mountains, and the water. To truly experience the market is to get lost in its nooks and crannies, to wander its maze of arcades and storefronts with eyes wide open, to imagine the decades of buskers, farmers, and fishers who have walked its hallways and narrow lanes. (Visit Seattle)

Seattle -Architecture Travel Guide - Pike Place Market Sign

Seattle Architecture Travel Guide - Pike Place Market Flowers

Starbucks & Peonies @ Pike Place Market

Starbucks & Peonies @ Pike Place Market

:: Bonus :: Piroshky Piroshky, Le Panier, Original Starbucks, Gum Wall

One of the places to eat is Piroshky Piroshky. The purveyor of Russian piroshki—individually-sized pies with sweet or savory fillings, wrapped in dough and baked—always has a line out the door. Le Panier is another great eatery located next to Piroshky Piroshki. It is a classic french Boulangerie and Patisserie with every product made on site – from crusty baguettes to delightful macarons.

The original Starbucks—on Pike Place between Stewart and Virginia Streets in the Soames-Dunn Building—draws a line out the door by midmorning. The Gum Wall is a 54-foot-long attraction and got its start when the adjacent Market Theater asked patrons to leave their gum outside, which they did—literally. (Visit Seattle)

Seattle Architecture Travel Guide - Original Starbucks

Gum Wall


:: 3 :: Seattle Public Library | Architect(s): Rem Koolhass & Joshua Ramus with LMN | Project Year: 2004 | Type: Educational | Address: 1000 4th Ave, Seattle, Washington | Website:

The Seattle Central Library is the flagship of the Seattle Public Library system. Innovative in both form and function, the contemporary, glass and steel building was designed with growth in mind. The design objective of the 11-story library was to create a building that honors books, and at same time, is very forward-looking to reflect major technological advances in the information business.

Seattle Architecture Travel Guide - Seattle Public Library Seattle Architecture Travel Guide - Seattle Public Library interior


:: 4 :: Experience Music Project Museum (EMP) | Architect(s): Frank Gehry & Partners | Project Year: 2000 | Type: Educational | Address: 325 5th Avenue North, Seattle, Washington | Website:

“The spectacular, prominently visible structure has the presence of a monumental sculpture set against the Seattle backdrop. When Gehry met with co-founders Paul Allen and Jody Allen, he was inspired to design a structure that evoked the rock ‘n’ roll experience without being too literal. The finishes respond to different light conditions and change when viewed from different angles, reminding audiences that music and culture is constantly evolving.”  – AIA

Seattle Architecture Travel Guide - EMP Gehry Seattle Architecture Travel Guide - EMP Seattle


:: 5 :: Chihuly Garden & Glass | Architect(s):  | Project Year: 2012 | Type: Educational | Address: 305 Harrison St, Seattle, Washington | Website:

Seattle Architecture Travel Guide - Chihuly Garden & Glass Seattle Architecture Travel Guide - Chihuly Garden & Glass 2 Seattle Architecture Travel Guide - Chihuly Garden & Glass With Space Needle


:: 6 :: Olympic Sculpture Park | Architect(s): Weiss & Manfredi | Project Year: 2007  | Address: 2901 Western Avenue, Seattle, Washington |

“Envisioned as a new model for an urban sculpture park, the project is located on a industrial site at the water’s edge. The design creates a continuous constructed landscape for art, forms an uninterrupted Z-shaped “green” platform, and descends 40 feet from the city to the water, capitalizing on views of the skyline and Elliot Bay and rising over the existing infrastructure to reconnect the urban core to the revitalized waterfront. An exhibition pavilion provides space for art, performances and educational programming. From this pavilion, the pedestrian route descends to the water, linking three new archetypal landscapes of the northwest: a dense temperate evergreen forest, a deciduous forest and a shoreline garden. The design not only brings sculpture outside of the museum walls but brings the park itself into the landscape of the city.” – AIA

Olympic Sculpture Park, downtown Seattle photographed 2006_1217 © Benjamin Benschneider All rights Reserved. Usage rights may be arranged by contacting Benjamin Benschneider Photography. Email: or phone 206-789-5973

© Benjamin Benschneider

Seattle Architecture Travel Guide - Olympic Sculpture Garden Red


:: 7 :: Chapel of St. Ignatius| Architect(s): Stevel Holl Architects | Project Year: 1997 | Address: Seattle University, 901 12th Ave, Seattle, Washington | Website:

Seattle Architecture Travel Guide - Chapel of St. Ignatius Seattle Architecture Travel Guide - Chapel of St. Ignatius interior


:: Bonus :: Freeway Park designed by Lawrence Halprin and Angela Danadjieva

Seattle Architecture Travel Guide - freeway park


:: 8 :: Kerry Park | Project Year: 1927  | Address: 211 W Highland Dr, Seattle, WA 98119

As the plaque on a wall at Kerry Viewpoint tells us: “Kerry Park given to the City in 1927 by Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sperry Kerry, Sr., so that all who stop here may enjoy this view.”

Seattle Architecture Travel Guide - Kerry Park Seattle Architecture Travel Guide - Kerry Park 2


:: 9 :: Fisher Pavilion | Architect(s): Miller Hull | Project Year: 2002 | Type: Observation Tower | Address: 298 2nd North Ave, Seattle, Washington | Website:

“The previous Flag Pavilion and Plaza, which this project replaced, sat as an isolated object along the southern edge of this Green and blocked the view from the nearby Charlotte Martin Children’s Theater to the Fountain. Opening up this view led to a “subterranean” design solution in which the building is essentially pushed down into the ground and a new rooftop plaza is created on top. The new pavilion is an exhibition space with twenty feet clear height intended for a variety of events.” – AIA


Seattle Architecture Travel Guide - fisher pavilion Seattle Architecture Travel Guide - fisher pavilion interior


:: 10 :: Amazon Headquarters | Architect(s): NBBJ  | Project Year:  Under Construction | Address: 2021 7th Ave. Seattle, Washington

Reaching up to 95 feet, the glass cluster of “Spheres” was designed to create an alternative work environment within the 3.3 million-square-foot office and retail campus. Responding to criticism, the revamped design will include both private and public areas, allowing anyone to “experience the Spheres close up.” A total 18,000 square-feet of retail space will be included within the Spheres lush interior, in addition to ample amounts of work, dining, meeting and lounge space.

Seattle Architecture Travel Guide - Amazon Headquarter Aerial ViewSeattle Architecture Travel Guide - Amazon Headquarter Seattle Architecture Travel Guide - Amazon Headquarter under constructionSeattle Architecture Travel Guide - Amazon Headquarter Handsketches Seattle Architecture Travel Guide - Amazon Headquarter Section

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