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Pronunciation is : design [dih-zahyn]

My name is Shirin Moqimi and I’m an art, design, architecture devotee and a curious mind at large. I am a recent Architecture graduate from University of Nevada, Las Vegas and have spent most of my life living in this beautiful and chaotic city of lights.

This website began from a need for an additional creative outlet and also to be able to connect and share ideas with fellow design lovers (you). When I’m not behind my (Revit, AutoCAD, Photoshop, Indesign, etc…) Screen, you can find me cooking Bomb-A** Ramen, while with my nose in a book or my eyes glued to TV watching Parks and Recreation, Game of Thrones, etc…

P.S. I’m currently sleepless, trying to juggle work, Social Life, blogging, and studying for ARE while trying to do some architectural competition on the side (if I ever get to it pile); but I do have to say, I still get more sleep than when I was in architecture school. So for those Architecture students out there, just hang on, it will get better. I don’t claim to know it all but, I hope to leave you all feeling encouraged and inspired in some way!

You can contact me at support@dzzyn.com | dzzyn.com@gmail.com

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