7 Reasons Why Architects & Designers Should Travel

Architects and designers are creative beings but once the transition from school studio to a firm starts, we realize that most of our time is spent solving problems that are sometime incredibly uninspiring. Because we need to feed our creative and passionate side for design, we simply just need to leave behind our trace papers and laptops and just travel. Looking at pictures is not the same thing as experiencing the beauty of the world in person. If you have not yet traveled abroad then it is easy to conclude that it is a huge disservice to you by confining yourself to your comfort zone and not experiencing all the world has to offer. Without any further ado, Dzzyn.com can give you 7 reasons why architects & designers should travel more often.

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1. Redefine your role in society ::

Life is always evolving so should our role as architects and designers. It is so easy to get lost in our day to day lives and lose track of our aspirations. By traveling we broaden our spectrum of life itself and reminisce how everything and everyone is connected to each other; therefore we hope to redefine our roles not only in the society that we live in but also in a more global scale.

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Source: Aled Lewis

2. Career break is good for you :: 

We all know how challenging it is to find a great job at an architecture and design firms but it’s not an impossible task. What is impossible to gain back is your youth and health. Don’t spend your best days in an office – you have the rest of your life to work. Taking a break from time to time to travel is the best gift that you can give to yourself.

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Source: High Steel Break Time

3. To get inspired ::

It does not matter where you choose to go to travel, what matters is that wherever you go you will get inspired. Inspiration is such a vital tool for us architects and designers. It is really easy to lose some of that passion when we are stuck in the office. Travelling is the best way to get inspired and a great reminder on why we became designers in the first place.

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4. The economy still sucks ::

The unemployment rate is still high and most people are barely paying their bills. Find a job overseas, pay off your debts, and simply just travel the world. When you come home, you are coming back with a set of skills and experience of a lifetime.

01- 7 Reasons Why Architects & Designers Should Travel6Source: R.J. Matson

5. It’s easier than you think ::

Travelling the world is not difficult at all. It is only one click of your mouse or swipe of your smartphone away. There are many travel information online, making it easier to hop on a plane and see the wonders of the world.

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6. Gives you a new perspective on life and helps you figure out your path in it ::

There is something about walking in someone else’s shoes that lets you empathize and connect with them. Meeting people from different cultures will teach you that your preconceived notion of them was a misunderstanding and we are a lot more similar than the mass media lets us believe. Our differences are not obscured and should be celebrated. Traveling will also help you figure out the next phase of your life and provide closure on the last one, whether it was school, kids, jobs, or relationships.

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Source: Great Wall of China

7. You find yourself ::

you might think of this one as a cliché but, traveling teaches you so much faster than any classroom you have ever sat in. It teaches you about being more social, independent, courageous, and being aware of your surroundings. Travel will simply make you a better-rounded human being.

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