7 Innovative & Fun Workplaces Designed By Gensler

7 Innovative & Fun Workplaces Designed By Gensler2

The office building has been around for such a long time and has inspired variations of design philosophies throughout the years. Gensler, a global design firm, has recognized opportunities in researching about workplaces to create a better working environment for their clients while delivering innovation. Gensler’s 2013 U.S. Workplace Survey, points out that employers who provide a spectrum of choices for when and where to work are seen as more innovative and have higher-performing employees. Health and happiness of the employees are also important keys to designing offices that boost productivity at work. So it is no surprise that Gensler follows its own philosophy of focusing on the needs of the people they serve, when it comes to designing office spaces. Without any further ado, let’s look at 7 innovative & fun workplaces designed by Gensler.


:: 1 :: McCann, New York, New York

McCann is a global advertising agency network. Gensler  with Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio transformed McCann’s formerly stodgy, cubical land into a stylish, open-plan office that could easily pass as a nightclub.

7 Innovative & Fun Workplaces Designed By Gensler3

Photography: Tom Dixon


:: 2 :: Gensler LA, Los Angeles, California

Here, the firm’s values are embodied in a workplace of the future and design lab for clients. The project earned LEED®-CI Platinum certification, exceeding expectations and creating the ideal showcase for Gensler’s design services.

7 Innovative & Fun Workplaces Designed By Gensler4

Photography: Gensler


:: 3 :: International Technology Company, Workplace, Sunnyvale, California

This workplace is all about encouraging collaboration and productivity. Some of the design features that stood out were the customized communal areas including a “living room” and “backyard” for socializing and brainstorming.

7 Innovative & Fun Workplaces Designed By Gensler5

Photography: Sherman Takata/Gensler


:: 4 :: Facebook Headquarters, Menlo Park, California

Facebook’s new 1+ million-square-foot corporate campus mirrors the company’s philosophy: It’s open, mobile, socially connected, dimensionally aware, culturally relevant and personally sustaining.

7 Innovative & Fun Workplaces Designed By Gensler6

Photography: Jasper Sanidad/Gensler


:: 5 :: Nokia R&D Campus, Sunnyvale, California

The design goal of this office was to create a model for open innovation to accommodate diverse work styles and constant change.

7 Innovative & Fun Workplaces Designed By Gensler7

Photography: Nic Lehoux/Gensler


:: 6 :: Bayer HealthCare, Whippany, New Jersey

The overarching goals of the new headquarters were to foster community through common culture and encourage wellbeing. The new facility provided Bayer the opportunity to improve productivity by moving from an office intensive environment to a 100% open plan workplace.

7 Innovative & Fun Workplaces Designed By Gensler8

Photography: Garrett Rowland/Gensler


:: 7 :: Philips Consumer Lighting Headquarters, Somerset, New Jersey

This headquarter offers an open flexible work environment that would showcase its latest lighting technology. The space as a whole is connected through the theme of “falling blocks of light,” inspired by the game Tetris.

7 Innovative & Fun Workplaces Designed By Gensler9

Photography: Chris Leonard/Gensler


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