3 Enlightening Infographics about Planting Trees and Earth Day

Happy Earth Day - Dzzyn

Our mother Earth should be celebrated every day but in 1970, the importance of our globe was realized and April 22nd was declared the Earth Day. The global theme for this year is Trees for the Earth. Our beloved planet is losing over 15 billion trees each year; by Earth Day 2020, Earthday.org‘s goal is to have planted 7.8 billion trees. That’s one tree for every person on the planet. One of our duties as citizens of the planet earth should be, to care and respect this magnificent place. Here at Dzzyn we have found 3 Enlightening Infographics about Planting Trees and Earth Day to start a conversation about their significance in our daily lives. Don’t forget to check out Earthday‘s website to see how you can help sustain our beautiful world. Happy Earth Day!


:: 1 :: Earth Day History & the Future of Earth Day [Infographic]

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:: 2 :: More Reasons to Love Trees [Infographic]

:: 3 :: Selecting the Right Tree for your Garden [Infographic]

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:: Extra :: A Little E-Card Humor

:: Extra :: & A Little bit of Dr. Seuss’ [Lorax] Wise Advice

DrSeuss_Lorax_ Happy Earth Day from Dzzyn


Happy Earth Day!

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