16 Effective Ways To Be & Stay Creative in 2016

16 Effective Ways To Be & Stay Creative-


The New Year is upon us, and with the New Year comes feelings of hope and changing ourselves for the better. Most of us feel stuck with our daily routine of sleeping, eating and working. Sometimes, we believe that there are not enough hours in a day for other activities. The reason behind that belief could be that maybe, we lost a little bit of our curiosity and sense of wanderlust. A large part of maintaining a creative mindset is staying fresh and open to new experiences. These occurrences do not necessarily need to be new; we can dig into past experiences and view them in a different light. It is very important to set aside time to break the weekday cycle and spend a few moments, immersing yourself in something new that can benefit your life for many years to come. In honor of the New Year, we thought it is best to use this opportunity to look back and prepare a list, consisting of 16 Effective Ways To Be & Stay Creative in 2016.


16 Effective Ways To Be & Stay Creative

:: 1 :: Read a Book

:: 2 :: Make Lists

:: 3 :: Get Away From The Computer

:: 4 :: Question Everything

:: 5 :: Break Routine

:: 6 :: Take a Walk in Nature

:: 7 :: Reflect Daily

:: 8 :: Say Yes More Often

:: 9 :: Carry a Journal/Sketchbook Everywhere

:: 10 :: Write and Sketch Freely

:: 11 :: Listen to Music

:: 12 :: Collaborate

:: 13 :: Surround Yourself with Creative People

:: 14 :: Get Lots of Rest

:: 15 :: Travel

:: 16 :: Finish Something & Have Fun

Now go and start your creative year yet!

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